I’ve been meaning to do something with this website for a while. I have also wanted to start vlogging for a looong time now – probably a year and a half, at least. I’ve done nothing for a few reasons:

  • Perfectionism – that sucky thing that goes something like, “Oh, your teeth are broken”, or “Oh, wait, you haven’t had a shower yet!”, or “You haven’t prepared well enough, so you’ll be the laughing stock.”, or my favorite class perfectionism thought “You don’t know what you’re doing. Study more.”
  • Isolation – Yeah. That’s an odd one, but it’s a real thing. My experience is when I’m isolated my brain becomes filled with chaotic thoughts. That chaos keeps me churning all day long in aggravation, frustration, and anger. You’d think I’d get on the good ole’ video camera and say something to my imaginary friends, but I don’t because you all don’t exist yet. There in lies the crux of the problem – invisibility. Yeah, that’s a thing too. Especially when you’re 53.
  • LazinessFear, or PTSD – I’ve no clue, to tell you the truth. Sometimes I say, “Ok, I’m on it this morning.” My intention is there, but I have my shower, eat, do dishes, etc. And then, at the crack of noon email or Facebook or something else snatches my attention for the whole day. But it could also be the Gremlin I talk about, or possibly I have a touch of PTSD.
  • Not Knowing What (or How) I Need to do – Yep. I need a mentor. Stat.

These Excuses End

I committed yesterday afternoon to do a 30-day video creation challenge. There is a difference between committing to doing something, deciding to do something, wanting to do something, and figuring out something needs to be done.

I did not prepare for this video. What was the point since I still had not had a shower? In fact, it’s now 4:40 pm and I still haven’t had that shower. I really need to get my own casa. Digression…

The point is that I wasn’t prepared, my teeth are still broken, my bedroom is still in my background, I still have icky hair and that stupid black T-shirt. 

But what I didn’t have was far greater.

I didn’t have all that Gremlin fear. Hallelujah!

What I covered in this video. 

  • I haven’t been doing what I said I was going to be doing
  • What I am trying to start to do
  • Who I want to help with what
  • My sticking point: Where do I start?
  • Why do I not do what I like to do?
    • It’s a Gremlin!
  • The Daily Challenge

Here it is, Video 1 of my 30-day video commitment.

Play Video

I’m curious to know what your thoughts are about the content and about the technical aspects (aka, What feedback do you have for me regarding making better video?). 

Secondly, what is an area of your life that you know if you just do it your life will improve? What is holding you back? How will your life improve if you go all in on that thing?

Please post your comments below and let me know.

Thank you for sharing! Your words mean so much to me and they help me with my feelings of isolation, and who knows? Maybe someone else is in the same position and can learn from what you say as well.

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