While I’m stuck in Italy I have been asking myself what can I do to earn an income? Here. There. Everywhere.

I thought a couple years ago to be a travel designer for Italian vacations for the luxury market, then I thought I would run a B&B and tour company in Italy for the luxury market, then I thought I would teach English to Italian businessmen, and now I’m back to being an Italian Vacation Designer.

I have spent all the money I had left after last year’s lawsuit to try these different ventures. I decided I need help in the form of mentoring, but how could I get that while I am isolated like I am with very little money? I literally only have one person every day to talk to and English is NOT his native language. I am left feeling frustrated and angry.

In order to cope I bought and read (and am applying!) the principles in Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, a book on improving your mindset. It works to a point. Isolation is a real kicker.

Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint

I’ve also paid for the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint and since June am only on Module 3. I guess that’s better than Module 2 – which was all about defining who my ideal client is. Module 3 is on designing the website, newsletter template, logo, and business card design. Another long timeframe module.

Coming up with the name is a kick in the pants! I have named my ideal client Jacqueline and she is between the ages of 49 – 64, she makes at least $150,000 a year, she has two teenage kids who are nearing or are in college, she’s either married to a professional or is in a committed relationship with a professional man. She dislikes labels (personality, generational, etc). She is physically fit but not necessarily athletic. She is fairly well traveled but not to the extent she would like. She is the oldest child her parents, who are still married, had.


She feels overworked and underappreciated. She has done everything for everyone for her entire life. She doesn’t feel as close to her mother, daughter, or friends lately. She desperately wants to reconnect and strengthen her bonds with the women in her life she cares for deeply. She may be so tired that she wants to travel alone where she can meet other women. She wants to soothe her soul and calm her mind for the time she will be in Italy. Italy is her savior and every time she thinks about her vacation in Italy she is transported to a place of peace, tranquility, and of La Dolce Vita.

Since I live in Italy I thought if I can help women visit their dream vacation location and deepen their bonds with other women than I would be very happy. This would be a custom vacation planning company. The company focuses on experiences such as the wine crush, olive harvesting and pressing, truffle hunting, cooking classes, art classes, etc.

I am in the naming and tagline creation phase. My two best choices for names are Sip & Savor Italy or Bellissima Journeys. Which is better?

Insane Productivity

I am on Module 12 of Insane Productivity. We did one a week and while the information is really, really good I am disappointed in the lack of community. By Module 6 or 7 no one was sharing anymore because no one would respond.

Finally, this week I received an email advising me that I can join in their alumni Facebook group. I hope this is more active. The isolation I have is killing me and one of the reasons I decided to pay the near $2,000 for this program is to have a community to help me become a better me.

One thing I’ve always known and hoped I would be able to overcome and haven’t yet is that I am a classic over-motivated underachiever. That is, I read and read and read and attend and pay but I do nothing.


Is it boredom? Fear? Tiredness? Constantly being told I’m stupid and too low-class and that I don’t deserve to be anything better than the way I was born? I don’t know what it is, but my vow is to ditch this trait in myself.

I need friends and mentors. I need to surround myself with people better than myself. One thing I did realize is that I have been too good for the people I’ve surrounded myself with, which brought me down here.

How do I change this while living in a country I don’t have the money to leave? I don’t understand their language.

I feel stuck, like in quicksand. I need a branch so I can pull myself out.

The Copy Cure

About 10 days ago I was shocked when I was approved for a $600 line of credit with Paypal to pay for The Copy Cure.

Moving forward with Module 3 of the MMSTB had me ask a copywriter with travel industry experience how much it is for copy for my website. It was around $1,500! The Copy Cure was $499. If my writing improves then I can have better blog posts, I can attract Monique easier, my weekly newsletter emails will be better, and my confidence will take a huge leap. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This week has been wonderful because there was a popup Facebook group which provides lots of help in nailing whatever portion of your copy you need help with. For me, it is naming the company, the tagline, and elevator speech. The popup group ends Sunday night. I feel better about what I’m doing already.

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