My First VLOG

I need someone to write for me. Seriously. I thought I liked writing, but it turns out that I really don’t. Because of this new discovery, I have decided to switch to a vlog style blog, though I may switch to podcasting in the future. Who knows?

Do you remember that I told you I was applying for Code Platoon last summer? I had to create my first ever video and teach an algorithm on a video. I thought it was fun, and I DIDN’T HAVE TO WRITE. Win-win.

I’ve been thinking about writing more posts, after all, I live in Italy, and a lot of things have happened. A lot of things have also not happened. Either way, I have a lot to say on both subjects. But writing just stinks to me. It’s a real brain drain. I definitely fall into the category of fight your way through something you’re not naturally good at to get kind of good at it, instead of focusing on what I AM naturally good at and getting better at that.

My First VLOG Video

I decided today to ditch that way of thinking. Here is my first video blog entry:

Equipment Used to Produce Video

As you can see from the video above and the photos below all I used was my cell phone and a selfie holder with a light attachment. Honestly, I think I need to either lower the shades in the window next time or I’ll have to invest in a larger light. I will probably buy a microphone with a windscreen next so I can take video outside.

VLOG Lessons Learned

  • Get rid of the eye cream that makes under my eyes shiny.
  • Instead of having the camera at face level raise it higher so I’m looking up slightly. This will open my eyes more fully so my two different sized eyes aren’t so noticeable. This is what I hope anyway! If you know of a trick to minimize this issue would you please leave me a comment? I would be oh so grateful!
  • Find something decent to wear. I did just want to get something done and published. FYI – I just finished Day 4 of 30 Days with Adriene (a beginner’s yoga series) when I did this…
  • Ditch the curly hair! I’ve always disliked that action!
  • Learn how to add something to the video so it’s not just me talking the entire time – or if I am there’s something else to look at.
It’s time to plan the next video. And to have an aperitivo! Namaste.

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