It is such a shame that this pretty city is full of people with a terrible mentality. Last night one of my “friends” on Facebook publicly shared an article on the similarities between a narcissist and an alcoholic.

Since I’m an expert on being on the receiving end of these kinds of people I chimed in. And then I feel I got a childish response – one of the reasons I had to leave that disgraceful city (other reasons being that city is full of alcoholics, narcissists, sociopaths, deadbeat men (men looking for sugar mamas), bimbos, swingers – especially swingers, plastic, fakeness). What is the matter with that city? There has to be someone who’s normal there…

Maybe I’m being a bit sensitive, but when I was in college I was taught the importance of communicating in the new digital age to make sure what I said would not be taken in a way I did not intend. I expect the same of my midlife aged friends.

This is a threesome of a “conversation”. One is me, the second is the original poster, and the third is another woman who is a narcissist & an alcoholic with some sociopathic tendencies. I have deleted them as “friends” at this point because I am trying to improve my life, not drag it down by surrounding myself with 50+-year-old women who want to act like they’re 15 years old. Additionally, I firmly believe if you look at the 5 people you spend the most time with they are who you are.

I seriously feel that there is a giant cloud covering the city of Jacksonville that makes normal women turn stupid when they live there for a while. I know. I was one of them. Except I never dyed my hair blonde, got fake boobs so big they touch my nose, or perfected that idiotic 3-year-old screech when a woman sees a friend man she wants.

What a normal woman becomes when she moves to Jacksonville

I did, however, realize my ex-husband and I weren’t suited to each other and filed for divorce even when I had no money or job. Stupid.

After my divorce, I did partake in WAY TOO MUCH adult beverage imbibing. Stupid.

I found myself in a relationship with an alcoholic sociopath. Stupid.

There was more, but you get the point. I was just fine in Seattle, working in IT until I got laid off, in a mostly stable marriage, raising two kids and a dog. Living the normal life. Then we moved to Jacksonville and all of a sudden my ex-husband became a nagger, passive-aggressive, complainer. Not to mention the absence of sex for 7-years.


I definitely have a touch of PTSD from the Jacksonville escapades, and recognizing that I have over the past three years deleted, blocked, and unfollowed half the people I was connected to on Facebook. Today I will add two more to the deleted friends list.

Without further adieu here was the original poster’s reply:

What a stupid reply. She is not from Jacksonville, she is educated, she is an HR director, so WTF kind of reply is that? I’ll tell you what kind of reply it is: A childish one.

And the narcissistic alcoholic with sociopathic tendencies said this:

She was not replying to my comment but to Amie’s stupid comment. It seems to me that the two of them are acting like teenagers ganging up on the outsider. “Ganging up” is a strong phrase, but I lived there for 7 years and that’s kind of how it is. Actually, they exclude you. Just like a freaking clique.


noun: clique; plural noun: cliques

a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.

They’ve created their clique. Good for them.

I’m creating my tribe. I like that word. It’s new to me using it in this context, but it works.


noun: tribe; plural noun: tribes

a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest

See the difference in definitions? The definitions are basically the same except cliques do not readily allow others to join them.

I found a tribe full of like-minded business people who believe helping each other is the key to success. I concur.

And I say good riddance to all cliques everywhere, and hello to bright futures full of people who get joy from helping one another achieve their goals.


2 thoughts on “The Jacksonville Scene: Narcissists, Alcoholics, and Sociopaths”

  1. Simple and straightforward. Absolutely no sugar coating, and that’s just what I enjoy so much about your blog!!

    1. Thank you. I’m at that point in my life where telling it like it is from my perspective is therapeutic.

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