It’s been a very quick quasi three weeks since I wrote the post Desperately Seeking a Career and what an interesting almost three weeks it’s been! I have been working hard on my psyche, as I’m sure you’ll agree that without the proper prior training combined with everything I have been through it would be very difficult to not end up in some downward spiral with your thoughts.

Isolation is Setting in

I am sitting here in Italy not being able to speak to anyone because I can’t understand the language (basically because I’m half deaf and three of them speak at the same time so I can’t hear what anyone is saying). If you want to come to Italy to learn to speak the language I recommend going to Tuscany where it’s not slangy. When I was in Florence I could understand so I could speak. I miss that month.

freeCodeCamp, Programming, & Reading

Anyway, I was working on this Web Development with Computer Science Foundations guide that someone named @p1xt from freeCodeCamp put together. Through the months I have learned @p1xt is a 50-something-year-old female coder who started off with IBM 25 or 26 years ago. I respect a woman who has worked in that field for this amount of time and who also has the time to be so giving to create these guides.

Doubt & Confusion Fill My Mind

I chose to work on the web development guide about 12 hours a day. That lasted about 3 months before I needed to take a break, mainly because I started questioning myself (doubting is more like it) about being 51 years old and at the bottom of the IT ladder once again.

Thank God for Electronic Libraries

During my break, I went to my library’s website and downloaded a book called ‘You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life‘. I was floored to read the author talk about affirmations, meditation, and quantum physics. I had briefly been introduced to these concepts 12 years ago while I was in Seattle selling Mary Kay. I couldn’t get into selling Mary Kay so I resisted all the gobbly gook speak on changing the mindset. Plus I was married to a real piece of work in the negativity department, which over the 20 years that we were together did a real number on my own positivity.

But this time I was more receptive.

Becoming Vulnerable

Here is a reply to a mentoring question posed in a private group I’m a member of on Facebook that shows exactly what I’ve been through.

After I read How to Be a Badass I ordered the author’s follow up book on audio titled You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. Now I could listen on my walks. More affirmations and a couple of Epiphany’s later brought me to a point of searching for a business coach. I knew I needed some clarity. If you have read my blog post I mentioned above you could see that just over three weeks ago I was confused. I’m a little confused still, but not like I was.

In the weeks since I wrote that post I have worked hard on getting back to who I was before my 20 unfortunate years of a marriage (not the whole 20 years was unfortunate – only the last 7 – 12… I’ll write about it one day. Maybe). I was a young woman who believed everything was possible and everything would work out as it is designed, as it should. There was never any worry, everything was gonna be alright.

How Does a Person Find a Coach?

While I was trying to figure out if I should go back to IT somehow or start anew as a travel agent I came across a website for travel entrepreneurs that offers coaching. One thing for sure is I love to travel. But, do I love to do travel or do I love to sell travel? These are two completely different things. I did purchase their blueprint for creating a travel business; however, this blueprint really can be used to create any kind of business so I don’t view it as a “mistake” purchase should I choose not to be involved in the travel industry.

Manifesting: Hype or Hip?


This group of women also teach meditation and mindset awareness. Interesting I thought. Clearly, I was being told I need to improve my mindset! The woman who started GIFTE (Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs) has a list of recommended reading, so I figured I would read the first book on the list. Are you ready for this? Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

This is all about shifting your mindset from a negative one to a positive one. There are fun exercises and activities in there. Let’s just say that I “bought” a Cartier watch last night for $26,000. Imagine how I would feel wearing that watch!

This is one of the games in the book. You set up a fake checking account somewhere (I’m using a general checkbook register from the Play Store) and every day you deposit another thousand bucks. Today is my 16th day so today $16,000 was put into the account. When you spend the money (no saving it) you put in a detailed description of what you bought and how it makes you feel to have that item. It is designed to change your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. At the end of a year I will have “spent” $66,000,000. That’s in millions! Right now this is easy because I have nothing, but later on, like on day 100 I will have to spend $100,000 in a day. Mind expanding.

What are My Passions?

In one of the videos I was watching in the MMSTB (Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint) Meredith (the founder of GIFTE) was saying to write down all the things you have a passion for to help in narrowing down a niche. She said to think about things you do where the time flies. It finally occurred to me that it’s not selling travel where the time flies. In fact, I find selling travel to be torturous. This spring when I was working on web development stuff my time flew. I like that. A lot actually. Not the time flying, but web development.

I remember I spent a month last year making a website for my then Italian Love Affair Tours when I was going to rent that enormous palazzo here in Bracciano. I LOVED making the website, though I knew it could be better but my brains and my experience were all I had (this is where working in a team is so good – learning from each other). What I didn’t LOVE was the idea of running a tour business.

Next Steps

So, there you have it. I have been thinking about applying to be accepted into Code Platoons Code Bootcamp in Chicago. They have a new class in September and the cutoff date is today. I have everything done for the application except the video. Thankfully I played around with that last week. I know if I get accepted that it will be very challenging, but it will be worth it in order to have my dignity restored and to bury the past decade of unfortunate events. It will be quite literally a new lease on life.

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