I’ve been searching for something to do with my life, before it’s over, for oh, my whole life. A few years ago my father said I should get back into IT because it pays well. I told him I don’t like IT, it’s not fun, at which his reply was

Work is called work for a reason, otherwise it would be called fun.

For me, working in government contracts in buildings without windows sitting at a desk for hours and hours with a whole bunch of headphone-wearing introverts was a total buzz kill. A prison sentence.

I came across this quote by Confucius, who I’m guessing is slightly older than my dear ole dad, that completely contradicts the above-mentioned wisdom. Now, I respect everything my dad says because he rarely says anything, but when he does it’s profound and leaves you mulling over his 6 words for years to come. However, this nugget I didn’t believe. I still don’t. However, I have been mulling it over for years. Thank God Confucius can put this matter to rest!

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