Good Morning all you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed readers of mine!

It turns out that I accomplished zilch after Tuesday’s post. But I will start with this:

I am incredibly successful, elegant, and a person everyone wants to know.

There, that’s the right way to start your day!

My Weekly Tasks Categorized by My BIG 3 Goals for the Year

1. Health: Shrink the boobs back down to Seattle size

  • Exercise daily
  • Eat healthily & the correct quantity, including stopping to imbibe on wine (Wine consumption = gargantuan boobs = bad for my karma)
  • Blog daily for my feeling of connection (mental health)
  • Read and/or listen to personal development in the morning

2. Income: $600,000 per year

  • Finish Module 2 of the MMSTB
  • Finish Module 6 of Insane Productivity
  • Start Module 3 of the MMSTB
  • Start Module 7 of Insane Productivity
  • Research 5-Star hotels and spas in Rome

3. Relationships: Make friends with like-minded people

  • Send handwritten note cards to 3 people

My 3 Most Valuable Priorities (MVPs) of the Week

  1. Finish Module 2 of the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint
  2. Exercise at least 5x this week
  3. Write 3 Note Cards

My Progress

Day 1: I walked 12,957 steps. My morning walk was 3.84 miles completed in 1:09:34. I love Runkeeper for the stats! I, during my walk, listened to chapter 3 of Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss. This book should be required reading before you take your first job, especially for girls.

I did NOT work on my MMSTB and I still went for aperitivo. Bad. Boob growth.

Weight: +0.8 pds.

Day 2: I walked 11,860 steps. My morning walk was 3.72 miles completed in 1:08:44. I relistened to chapter 3 and half of chapter 4 of my audio book. This is an extremely interesting book on how to get people to listen to you when they are in that unreasonable place and their mind is closed. You know that place. That place where you just want to slap the crap out of somebody or shake some sense into them. Seriously. I wish I found this book 35 years ago!

I did NOT work on my MMSTB, but I did listen to Module 7 of Insane Productivity. Hmmm…. This is the module we discover what your superpowers are and where we need to apply them on YOUR leverage curve. Since I have no idea what my superpowers are I will listen and listen and listen again to see if something comes to me. I think the depression I briefly wrote about Tuesday may be getting in my way here. 

I went for aperitivo again last night, then sat there for pizza and fried fish. Yuck. €60 later have disgusted me enough that, hopefully, it has stopped me from any more aperitivi and pizza-like stuff. In the US I don’t eat this way. In the US I weigh 20 pounds less too. I know why I go for aperitivo. Boredom.

When I awoke this morning it came to me that wine imbibing equals gargantuan boobs. I don’t want gargantuan boobs. Actually, I despise these things so much that when I was 21 years old I had a boob reduction. My question: How on EARTH did they grow back like this? And all of a sudden too! And why on EARTH do men like them so much? They are only giant sacks of fat that float when you get into water. This one topic has given me a lifetime of negative emotions, so much so that on my birthday this year while drinking French Champagne in Italy I came up with the name Tiaras & Testicles. I may start a blog there on the idiotic differences between men & women that I have experienced. * Major digression. *

Weight: +1.8 pds.

Clearly, I’m going in the wrong direction.

Goals for Today

  1. Create a healthy menu with foods I can find in Italy
  2. Finish that MMSTB Module 2 – Geez…..
  3. Get that walk in this morning
  4. Do Day 1 of Yoga with Adrienne this afternoon or evening before bed
  5. Watch Module 7 of Insane Productivity
That ought to keep me busy.

Idea Generation

I have been having a lot of ideas come to me since working on Insane Productivity. I can’t give them away because, you know, someone might steal the idea. But, one idea has to do with HRH, The Roman Dog and the other has to do with my dead right ear.

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