Sagrantino Wine Harvest: Photo Shoot

Hello. It’s been a little while, but when it’s the same old thing day in and day out why keep writing about it?

I will say things have gotten a little bit interesting in the past week. I went to Montefalco for a photo shoot for my upcoming new Sip & Savor Italy company. In a word it was DELIGHTFUL

Harvesting Sagrantino at Cantina Le Cimate in Montefalco, Umbria

CopyWriting 101

Now I am at the part of my training where I create the website, logo, business card, and newsletter template. I have the brain for the tech stuff but I need help with the copy. I inquired as to how much it would cost to have a copywriter create the wonderful words for my website and it was around $2,000!

I decided to do Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure because I want to be a better writer for my blog, and furthermore, for my weekly newsletter that I will be starting soon. $499 later and voilà I’m in, learning how to write copy.

I am in Module 1: Copy Vitals with three videos. Video 1: Copy 101, Video 2: Getting More Buyers By “Getting” Your Buyer Part 1, and Video 3: Getting More Buyers By “Getting” Your Buyer Part 2. This module is about defining your ideal client. I’m going to work on this now. Like, right now.

What my homework is to do is to create my Ideal Customer Avatar. Right now I am that person: Educated female between the ages of 49 and 64, on and on and on….

Some of this will be difficult because I don’t watch YouTube. Never have. I can’t seem to get into the habit of social media anything. It’s probably my age. What’s funny about this is my 71-year-old mother watches all kinds of stuff on YouTube. Not me. I couldn’t care less about it.

I can’t wait to have created my avatar!

Peace, until I introduce her. 

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