Day 0 of Goal Reaching – Seeking Accountability Partner

Yesterday was Monday, the first day of reaching for the stars, those 600 thousand smackers, a sexy lean body, and more of the right kind of relationships. Let me describe the day for you. FLOP. Why Was It a Flop? Sunday night I went out to have dinner. Here in Italy, there’s usually wine involved. …

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RIP Italian Love Affair

Or not? Trying to start an all-inclusive tour company in Italy is the most confusing thing I have ever had the notion of trying to do. Even the commercialista is confused. Don’t even ask me what a commercialista is, but my nearest guess it is something like a business attorney but is not an attorney.

Start Up Fear

The Problem I don’t know why, but last night as I was walking my dog all of a sudden I got a rush of fear. Trying to pinpoint that fear is not easy. Is it the fear of losing the rest of the little money I have, while in a foreign country thus disabling me …

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