Accidental italians: The Queen & me

Midlife Journey of Self-Discovery & Healing

HRH & I finally bought a car! We are thrilled, but it doesn't go as you would expect. May 2016

Currently on a quest to self-discovery, the queen and I planted our hineys in the lovely land of Italy. Why not? The wine is divine. So is the food, the way of life, the people, history, landscapes… I could go on and on.

Three years after my divorce I met an Italian guy and decided to follow my dream of returning to live in Italy. You see, I had lived in Sicily back in the mid-80s while I was in the Navy and fell in love with the place. Throughout the following 27 years I always wanted to return.

I quickly discovered that living on base in Sicily is NOT the same thing as living nowhere near a base near Rome. For one thing, Gabbie – also known as HRH, The Roman Dog – had to learn how to become an Italian dog. Italian dogs have to do things differently than American dogs. But she’s a real trooper, was up for the task, and is now totally acclimated to life in Italy senza la lingua italiana. She doesn’t mind – she IS a queen (in her mind, anyway).

The Incident

At the end of October 2017, due to an overimbibing of amazing Italian vino, I ended up in the emergency room with a fractured face, broken teeth, dead teeth, and a broken ankle. I don’t really want to get into the details of what happened, but let’s just say I wasn’t 100% at fault (i.e., it was no accident).

That being said, I am glad that it happened (not that I would ever want to repeat the experience), because it required me to just lay there and think for months. While I was in my “thinking” phase I re-enrolled in this Coding Bootcamp because I wanted to leave Italy immediately (which I couldn’t due to possible health complications), and have a way to finally be self-supportive again.

But, alas, the Angels and Gods had something else in store for the queen and me. This trip involves lots and lots of self-reflection, learning what I like, what my interests are, and what could I possibly do to make my mark on the world while earning a good income without selling my soul to corporate America. Been there, done that. Don’t want to repeat that nasty way of life.

If you find yourself, like me, in midlife and divorced with no career, no money, and in a deep funk that you desperately want out of then follow us here.

HRH & I in Perugia
HRH & I are in Perugia for the Annual Chocolate Festival - October 2017 (10 days before The Incident)
HRH "helping" with the wine harvest. September 2017

My Epiphany & Manifesting

I found I began this journey last summer when I was walking in the Italian OVEN (it was HOT last summer) and listening to Jen Sincero’s book on Audible You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth. There was one point where she was talking about manifesting money and how important it is that you do it right.

I will NEVER forget the EPIPHANY I had when I was halfway down that steep hill. In 2007, while married and living in Seattle my then-husband’s parents came to visit from Oklahoma. His mother never liked me, I think because I bought a lot of things for my son’s 4th birthday. Anyway, I really wanted her to like me, so I said out loud to her:

I think it’s time we start living a life of scarcity, instead of abundance.

If you are “into” the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics and mindful thought processes like these, I’m sure you just let out a squeal at that statement that I made. As I was walking down that hill it was as if I walked into an invisible brick wall.

Literally, after I said THAT ominous sentence

  • My son disappeared and has never been the same since,
  • I got laid off,
  • We almost lost the house to foreclosure,
  • We got a military transfer to Florida which nailed the coffin shut on my career,
  • My marriage dissolved, 
  • I went from living a 6-figure life to one of $3,000 per month
  • Then, I went to $2,000 per month,
  • Then my ex-husband sued me to not pay alimony any longer and I went to $1,139 per month, and
  • I spent the next several years (count them: SEVEN) flailing around like a fish out of water in total disbelief that THIS is what my life has turned into.

After this huge aha moment and The Incident, as it is now known, in October I finally feel like things are starting to turn around for me. And the queen – she was evidently traumatized that night with me too.

We have embarked on an abundant, life-changing journey at midlife (for both of us), and we would love to have you there.

Join us on this ride.

Kimberly & Gabbie