I am in the middle, or somewhere between the beginning and the middle of my midlife reinvention and this morning I came across this video and thought it was spot on.  Listen to five ways you can reinvent yourself in five minutes.

Is college education a colossal waste of money and no longer serves a purpose (with the exception of lawyering and doctoring and maybe engineering)? Loyalty and rewards are dead, aren’t they? In other words, working for a company your entire working life for retirement. Doesn’t exist anymore, does it? Unless you work for the government, but I’m sure in time they’ll all of a sudden pull the rug out from under your feet too.

I’m in no giant hurry to go back to work for what? $7.25 an hour in Tennessee. Oh boy. What I life I could have on that! This is why I am so consumed right now with fixing my thoughts and learning entrepreneurship where I can live the life I envision every single day. In joy and peace.

If you would like to join me in your reinvention and would like an accountability partner I am here – just leave a comment here.

Have an incredibly productive and joyous day! I will. After my coffee….

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