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Cooking American Food in Italy

Yes, I cooked yesterday in Italy. An American dinner – well sort of. It was American food the Italian way.

The Menu

  • Chicken & Dumplings
  • Beef Stew
  • Apple Crisp
  • Lots of wine

I have been here, in Italy, nearly a year now and I never cook. Since “the incident” Continue reading “Cooking American Food in Italy”

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What to do While Sitting in Italy?

While I’m stuck in Italy I have been asking myself what can I do to earn an income? Here. There. Everywhere.

I thought a couple years ago to be a travel designer for Italian vacations for the luxury market, then I thought I would run a B&B and tour company in Italy for the luxury market, then I thought I would teach English to Italian businessmen, and now I’m back to Continue reading “What to do While Sitting in Italy?”

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Days 1 & 2 – Goals and I Have an Idea!

Good Morning all you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed readers of mine!

It turns out that I accomplished zilch after Tuesday’s post. But I will start with this:

I am incredibly successful, elegant, and a person everyone wants to know.

There, that’s the right way to start your day!

My to-do’s this week Continue reading “Days 1 & 2 – Goals and I Have an Idea!”

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
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Coding, Wanderlusting, or Both? Or Something Else?

That is the question.

I can’t make the move to Chicago for the Code Platoon boot camp. I wish I could, but I simply don’t have the fundage or the family to help me. My family… I will save that topic for another day when I’m more awake.

Speaking of being awake – let me go make my second cup Continue reading “Coding, Wanderlusting, or Both? Or Something Else?”

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Introducing the Future Ms Ruby on Rails

Last year while I was sitting in a very HOT Ljubljana, Slovenia I began to think again for something like the millionth time of getting back into IT. Instead of turning to Dice or Booz Allen Hamilton’s Alumni program I went to LinkedIn. In February of 2016, I was given a year free on and Continue reading “Introducing the Future Ms Ruby on Rails”

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Follow up to Desperately Seeking a Career

It’s been a very quick quasi three weeks since I wrote the post Desperately Seeking a Career and what an interesting almost three weeks it’s been!

I have been working hard on my psyche, as I’m sure you’ll agree that without the proper prior training combined with everything I have been through it Continue reading “Follow up to Desperately Seeking a Career”

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My First Video is Published: Lessons Learned

I’ve been thinking about making a video for quite some time. Actually, I made a video a couple of years ago walking through Bracciano with my camera. But what I’m talking about is sitting at home and talking blindly to the computer about things.

Things like my GIFTE program and my Insane Productivity Continue reading “My First Video is Published: Lessons Learned”

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The Jacksonville Scene: Narcissists, Alcoholics, and Sociopaths

It is such a shame that this pretty city is full of people with a terrible mentality. Last night one of my “friends” on Facebook publicly shared an article on the similarities between a narcissist and an alcoholic.

Since I’m an expert on being on the receiving end of these kinds of people Continue reading “The Jacksonville Scene: Narcissists, Alcoholics, and Sociopaths”


Does work mean prison, or can it be fun?

I’ve been searching for something to do with my life, before it’s over, for oh, my whole life. A few years ago my father said I should get back into IT because it pays well. I told him I don’t like IT, it’s not fun, at which his reply was

Work is called work for a reason, otherwise it would be called fun.

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Start Up Fear

The Problem

I don’t know why, but last night as I was walking my dog all of a sudden I got a rush of fear. Trying to pinpoint that fear is not easy. Is it the fear of losing the rest of the little money I have, while in a foreign country thus disabling me from leaving?

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