I’ve been thinking about making a video for quite some time. Actually, I made a video a couple of years ago walking through Bracciano with my camera. But what I’m talking about is sitting at home and talking blindly to the computer about things.

Things like my GIFTE program and my Insane Productivity program. Other things, too, like fixing my life. I’m 51 years old with a couple boxes of clothes, a couple boxes of kitchen stuff, and my dog, the famous HRH, The Roman Dog. No money. No house. No bed. Anyway, it’s definitely a journey to get from here to there.

Here’s my video experiment:

This is what I learned about video making this morning:
  • Kill the fan – the speaker is sensitive and picks up the fan noise
  • Close the window – when it’s open it makes a glare
  • Sit further away from the computer screen – my belief is that being too close to the camera makes me look really FAT
  • Have an outline – so I’m not just rambling
  • Put a Do Not Enter sign on the door – so people don’t walk in while you’re recording yourself
  • Record in the proper format – I guess it’s .mp4 now, whatever that means
  • Figure out how to work YouTube – where are my videos???????
Maybe I need to look at another place to put my videos. I have no clue. Yes, video making will be another journey. I’m game.

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