Through a 50-year string of unfortunate events, this shy and isolated woman has one last chance to make something of her life. It all began innocently enough: I was born. That’s where the innocence ended.

I am the product of a controlling German mother who didn’t want to be a mother and an extremely narcissistic (sociopathic is also a possibility) British-Italian father. They were 19 years old when they got pregnant with me. They were unmarried. It was the 60s. That was bad juju at the time. Very bad.

HRH and I are in Perugia, Italy

I became a sailor in the US Navy in 1985. I was active duty for seven years; I got out of the Navy in 1992, and then I married the Navy; had a daughter; divorced the Navy; earned a degree; remarried the Navy; moved to Florida; divorced the Navy; met an Italian man (who is married – doh! – I didn’t know) and sold, donated, gave away, and threw away every single thing I owned except what fit in two suitcases and HRH, The Roman Dog and flew to Italy. To live. Without a visa (uh oh! – I didn’t know). My ex-husband sued me last year again and came out favorably which removed all access to money I had except a tiny retirement stipend. I have no home, car, furniture, photos, towels, dishes, toilet paper, career prospects, money. Nothing. Just HRH. I love that dog!

I will try not to focus on the past (too much), but more on getting from where I am to where I want to be. However, there may be a rant here and there. I do have memories. I just don’t want to focus on any of them.

My hope is that someone out there can benefit from what I do to make myself better. The ONLY thing I know is that if I can create an income somehow that there is no reason you can’t too. I want to help, but I have to help myself first.

Join me on this ride.