Through a 50-year string of unfortunate events, this shy and isolated woman has one last chance to make something of her life. It all began innocently enough: I was born. That’s where the innocence ended.

I am the product of a controlling German mother who didn’t want to be a mother and an extremely narcissistic (sociopathic is also a possibility) British-Italian father. They were 19 years old when they got pregnant with me. They were unmarried. It was the 60s. That was bad juju at the time. Very bad.

I became a sailor in the US Navy in 1985. I was active duty for seven years; I got out of the Navy in 1992, and then I married the Navy; had a daughter; divorced the Navy; earned a degree; remarried the Navy; moved to Florida; divorced the Navy; met an Italian man (who is married – doh! – I didn’t know) and sold, donated, gave away, and threw away every single thing I owned except what fit in two suitcases and HRH, The Roman Dog and flew to Italy. To live. Without a visa (uh oh! – I didn’t know). My ex-husband sued me last year again and came out favorably which removed all access to money I had except a tiny retirement stipend. I have no home, car, furniture, photos, towels, dishes, toilet paper, career prospects, money. Nothing. Just HRH. I love that dog!

I will try not to focus on the past (too much), but more on getting from where I am to where I want to be. However, there may be a rant here and there. I do have memories. I just don’t want to focus on any of them.

My hope is that someone out there can benefit from what I do to make myself better. The ONLY thing I know is that if I can create an income somehow that there is no reason you can’t too. I want to help, but I have to help myself first.

Join me on this ride.