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Desperately Seeking a Career

It’s been 3,334 days or 9 years 1 month 16 days since I got laid off, but who’s counting?

In those 9+ years I got divorced; my daughter graduated high school; my son came back to live with me; my sociopathic ex-manfriend disappeared; my son moved back to Seattle; I met my current partner; I sold, Continue reading “Desperately Seeking a Career”

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Can I Ever Get Enough Caffeine?

Good Morning Awake People!

I am not one of them. This is becoming a routine that is quite unappealing!

All I want to do is write a coherent blog post, but I am trying to keep my eyes open while waking my brain up. Seriously, I feel stupid. I don’t even know if the problem is a lack of sleep or lack Continue reading “Can I Ever Get Enough Caffeine?”


Does work mean prison, or can it be fun?

I’ve been searching for something to do with my life, before it’s over, for oh, my whole life. A few years ago my father said I should get back into IT because it pays well. I told him I don’t like IT, it’s not fun, at which his reply was

Work is called work for a reason, otherwise it would be called fun.

Continue reading “Does work mean prison, or can it be fun?”


Caked On Makeup Metaphor

I suppose you might like to know what the purpose of my starting this blog is, and furthermore, why I chose the name Caked On Makeup.

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Kimberly in real life – Sasha when I’m being funny, and I’m happy to meet your acquaintance. I just turned an age that has a zero Continue reading “Caked On Makeup Metaphor”